Pre Ocrevus Infusion

Published on June 20, 2017
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

In 1984, age 28, one day my whole body went numb with accompanying visual problems. Over a period of a few months’ just like the symptoms appeared, they disappeared except for numbness in both hands. I managed to work and finally, 9 years later, was diagnosed with MS in 1993. It was a relief to get the diagnosis and begin to understand the disease process but at that time, I felt hopeless. The hardest part for me was overcoming the depression and recovering my self esteem. It took awhile but I was successful because of my wife, family and support groups. Jump forward, it’s been 33 years, I’ve been able to learn to live in my new body and enjoy life. Yes, it’s a day to day struggle managing a weak numb body but it’s doable. I’m excited because tomorrow, I will try Ocrevus. I see it as another opportunity to slow down disease progression.