Ppc Management Company Reveals How Google Analytics Can Double Your Leads

Published on June 16, 2015

https://www.andrewredwards.com/contact/ Google Analytics for your AdWords: No Google Adwords campaign should ever run without Google Analytics being integrated as a core part of the marketing process. Google Analytics will show what is the specific user behaviour from your Adwords campaign when they reach your website. Do they leave the page without clicking on any links or do they take the action you need them to? How much specific traffic or sales comes from AdWords and how you could improve your adverts and targeting relevance to your website? You can create remarketing lists (Advertise to them after they have left the website) in Google Analytics to use in Google AdWords for targeting specific audiences, e.g those who visit the contact us page or shopping cart only they don't complete the enquiry or checkout process. In this example you can see there is a very high bounce rate of 79% strongly suggesting there is a large conversion problem, while on the right the e commerce conversion rate highlighted is 4.76%, higher than the rest so a higher investment can be made in the advertising of that specific page. If you are not monitoring Google AdWords click and cost data alongside your Analytics, you are just playing the game blind Result? You can improve the profitability and targeting of the campaign while ensuring those that don't convert will be reminded of your offer. Get your free Google Adwords & Analytics review at the link below. This is limited to a total of 5 reviews a month so contact us today: https://www.andrewredwards.com/contact/