Powerdirector Android App 03 Timeline How I Made Central Park

Published on Dec. 20, 2016
Channel: Mike Downes
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Today, we look behind the scenes at the timeline, and those oh so important video editing choices.. Yesterday I published a short video called, 'Central Park Memorial Gardens Mother and Child' https://youtu.be/0Ov9aECqvzM which was made entirely in the Android App PowerDirector. this video is one in a series looking at how we can all get better and proficient at Mobile video editing: http://www.whatsinkenilworth.com/search/label/powerdirector http://www.whatsinkenilworth.com/search/label/recforge%20II --- Fun Fact Only 1.3% of my youtube views come from My Subscribers, in that case - Sub to my channel for updates here: http://goo.gl/zRJvCh And a Thousand Thanks for Watching and Learning how to do stuff google.com/+mikedownes .. youtube.com/mikedownes .. --- teach produce educate . nos discere nos - we live we learn #mikedownes #theLaptopshow #MyCameraintheField https://twitter.com/mikedownesz https://plus.google.com/+mikedownes http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/mikedownes