[Pororo S4] #04 Gigantic Crong

Published on Aug. 14, 2015
Source: Youtube

Crong wants to read a book, but the book is high on a shelf and out of his reach. Poby is very tall, so helps Crong get the book. Crong is grateful, but now he starts to wish that he was tall like Poby. His friends suggest different ways that’ll help him grow. Crong tries to get taller by following their advices, but nothing seems to work. Crong becomes very discouraged, so Tongtong uses his magic to help Crong grow taller. However, something goes wrong, and Crong won’t stop growing! Crong is now a giant. Crong was happy at first, but now he wishes he could go back to be normal. Will Crong ever be the same again?