Pokemon Uranium: Locating Mega Stones [1.0.3]

Published on Oct. 15, 2016
Channel: Shinyscarlet
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Read description on timestamps if you're looking for a specific one! Spent a lot of time looking for each and every Mega Stone out so far and I hope it helps you :) 0:00 Drilgannite 0:17 Dramsamaite & Unidentified Fallen Object 0:38 Archillesite (Monday) Metalynxite (Wednesday) Electruxolite (Friday) 1:08 Sableyeite (Requires Surf) 1:34 Inflagetite (Requires Surf) 1:56 Gyaradosite (Requires Surf) 2:09 Arbokite (Requires Strength) 2:33 Kiricornite (Requires a Minicorn) 3:07 Whimsicottite (Requires Surf) 3:28 Baariettite (Requires Surf) 3:53 Ampharosite (You need Waterfall/Surf to get to the Core) 4:10 Syrentideite (Requires Surf/Dive, its a battle too) Hope you enjoy~ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShinyScarlet