Playing Back A Song I Made On Playstation Original Music Maker

Published on June 10, 2017
Channel: Mod1T
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

This morning which is currently the 10/6/I went back to the glory days of PlayStation original music maker a game for literally creating your own music tracks on the old PlayStation, I coupled the PlayStation to a a server I have and then streamed directly to a tv capture card, unfortunately we get haze and chop in the video as well as unusualy over reverberation in the audio recording it may be a result of too many bassline items overlapping with this reverberation effect (distortion) but I'm thinking as it's been well over a decade since I tried to even use this music maker well what the hell,. I'm pretty proud of the outcome either way it's not professional but for your first try in over 10 years and producing iot in maybe under 30 minutes it's not bad considering you had to re-learn every control feature and preview sounds to mash them into a track, enjoy!