Pineapple Enzymes And Gelatin - The Sci Guys: Science At Home

Published on May 11, 2016
Channel: The Sci Guys
Category: Education
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Welcome to science at home in this experiment we are exploring what happens when steel wool comes in contact with vinegar. Steel wool is made of an iron alloy and has a protective coating to prevent rusting. The vinegar removes the protective coating and exposes the iron to oxygen that quickly oxidizes the steel wool. At the end of this episode you will be able to demonstrate what happens when steel wool come in contact with vinegar, explain why the steel wool rusts and explain what an oxidation reaction is. Help support us to do more experiments by becoming a patron on patreon: Equipment and Ingredients: Fresh Pineapple (Alternatives are: Kiwi, Papaya and Figs) Boiling Water Gelatin Packages Glass or Beaker Spoon or Spatula Pot Stove Goggles Gloves Apron or Lab Coat Previous Episode: Copper Electroplating: Next Episode: Coming Soon Check out our website for more experiments, written explanations of the steps and the material list. If you enjoyed the video remember to subscribe, comment and like us to show us you care. Remember to like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: