Pickleball 411: How To Set Up A Temporary Pickleball Court

Published on March 21, 2014
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

Pickleball 411 is a brand new series from Pickleball Channel. This show will bring you all kinds of information about the sport of pickleball. In our first episode our host, Rusty, talks to Kari who wants to make more use of her backyard court. So Pickleball 411 walks her through the steps to make a temporary court in her back yard. Follow along, as Kari and the neighborhood kids take on the sport of pickleball right at home. You can go to ‪http://www.pickleballchannel.com/ to subscribe and be notified as soon as new content is released and see more pickleball videos. Pickleball Channel is powered by the wonderful support of our friends and partners, Hyland's Leg Cramps. You can also learn more about our partners at http://hylands.com/products/hylands-leg-cramps We are also connecting with the Ambassadors of the USAPA and various players across the country to bring you great Pickleball content. Additional pickelball resources can be found at ‪http://www.usapa.org./