Phrasal Verb Practice Questions 14 - Break - Phrasal Verb Test - Phrasal Verb Quiz - Esl

Published on Feb. 25, 2016
Channel: Iswearenglish
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Phrasal Verb Practice questions 14 - Break - phrasal verb test - phrasal verb quiz - ESL Questions for you to practice your knowledge of phrasal verbs with break. This is the perfect way to learn advanced phrasal verbs and actually remember them by practice exercises. There are many phrasal verbs with break and this question is one in a series of questions to help you remember all of the phrasal verbs with break. Remember practice makes perfect. find the best phrasal verb to fit into the gap. I need to wear these new shoes, little by little, until they are comfortable to use. I need to ……….. these new shoes. A break up, B break out, C break through, D break into, E break on, F break for, G break in, H break down, I break off,