Pbs Kids Promos December 26 2008

Published on May 14, 2016
Source: Youtube

Promos aired before Sid The Science Kid & Super Why! On VHS Mall On Dailymotion 1. Credits Promo: Sid The Science Kid Next 2. Curious George Funding 3. Hooper Time 4. Sid The Science Kid Promo 5. PBS Kids ID Dinosaurs 6. Sid The Science Kid Next Bumper 7. PBS Kids On KCET Promo Use Your Imagination 8. Aquarium Of The Pacific Commercial 9. PBS Kids On KCET ID Switcher Recorded 10. Computer Time 11. Credits Promo: Super Why! Next 12. Sid The Science Kid Funding 13. PBS Kids Promo 14. PBS Kids ID Dinosaurs x2 15. Super Why! Promo Coming Up Next 16. PBS Kids ID Green 17. ScholarShare 18. KCET Station ID Drawing 19. Reading Time 20. Super Why! Next Bumper 21. Credits Promo: Clifford The Big The Dog Next 22. Super Why! Funding Nope!