Palpating A Mare To Determine If She Is Pregnant

Published on May 14, 2017
Channel: Horse-Pros
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

Physical palpation without an ultrasound is difficult except at very specific times in the pregnancy. There are several very detailed veterinary discussions on-line about how and when to palpate. Breeding horses at Kristull Ranch is a labor of love rather than a financial necessity. We breed very few horses at this time, and take care of nearly everything naturally and easily ourselves. That includes checking to see if the mare "took" the breeding and is indeed pregnant. Palpating is included in that routine. We are not experts and are not always successful determining if she is in foal during the palpation. For that reason, we also watch her behavior in the months following for "teasing" the stallion or generally showing cycling behavior. But, for those who are uninitiated in what a palpation exam looks like, we filmed the most recent one. See more about breeding your horse here: Check out our blog at It a compendium of life at the Kristull Ranch in Austin, Tx. It was started to chronicle the journey through the world of horsemanship that is on-going at the ranch. As we learned together, the site has become a sort of Horsemanship for Dummies. We'd love to have your input.