Pair Arrested For Potential Multi-State Theft Ring

Published on Sept. 10, 2013
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

Police say two suspects are behind bars for financial fraud... and revealing a potential theft ring that crosses several states.Terrance Miller and Amber Brown visited K-Mart on Battlefield Parkway in Fort Oglethorpe Thursday evening.At check-out, they handed the cashier a fraudulent credit card they, police say, embossed themselves.The cashier then called the police, and the pair ran out of the store. Two nearby police officers quickly apprehended them behind the Arby's across the street.Now, an extensive investigation is underway that reveals the suspects may be responsible for fraud in several other states.Chief Jeff Holcomb said, During the process of the investigation they discovered the items on the table beside me that is much more than small-time, wire transaction fraud type of investigation. It's turned into a lot more, it goes from South Carolina, Atlanta, Chattanooga... and even to Chicago.The investigators found what they're calling a hit list in the pair's vehicle, outlining stores and how many of them are in the area.Police say the pair had stolen cell phones and tablets, several dozen credit cards, and high end accessories.The preliminary investigation shows Miller and Brown could be working within a larger group.I think there's someone giving them means and capability but behind the scenes there, said Chief Holcomb.Detective Mitchell Moore says financial fraud is getting more frequent, and much more complex.We've seen a lot of the fraudulent cards and we're seeing that they aren't local people. They work in groups and are starting to use very advanced technology to accomplish this crime.Fort Oglethorpe PD is working with authorities in Chattanooga to determine the extent of their fraud. By: Kelsey Bagwell