Outline In Color (Tour Update) - Down With The Ladies, Part 1.

Published on Dec. 13, 2012
Channel: K.C. Simonsen
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

Step inside the sticky, overrated lives of the boys in Outline In Color as they set off on their first tour ever through the plains of the south in such areas as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Vancouver, Rhode Island, AND MORE! In this episode we meet up with Austin at Chipotle, we stop by the tattoo shop for some symbolistic artwork on Trevor THE Tatro, we take a hit of grape mint hookah with Awwtang, and we drink in the snow with A Hero A Fake! Strap in, it's gonna' be a tingly ride. DISCLAIMER: THE END OF THE VIDEO IS A JOKE, WE ONLY OWN ONE SONG IN THIS VIDEO, "JURY OF WOLVES," WHICH IS ON OUR FULL LENGTH ALBUM BY THE SAME NAME. ALL THE OTHER MUSIC, WE DO NOT OWN! Please don't take it down, we mean no harm :,(