Outliers: The Story Of Success - Malcolm Gladwell Animated Book Review

Published on Feb. 27, 2016

Animated Book Review Playlist: http://bit.ly/Psychbooks Insta: https://www.instagram.com/practical_psych/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/practical_psych Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/practicalpsych Learn how to be a successful person by Malcolm Gladwell's analysis in the book Outliers. This animated book review summary of Outliers summarizes 4 critical principles I found while reading the book. He includes many interesting stories that made this book an amazingly fun read. The four principles I found in the book are that your birth month matters in culture, that the 10,000 hour rule is real, that language is important to becoming successful and that hard work outrules innate talent. My favorite is the comparison to math that through hard work and the willingness to try, anyone can be good at math. You'll be able to understand the book of Outliers written by Gladwell without referencing sparknotes and understand it much better with this review. Gladwell touches on the 10000 hour rule and points that it's the reason many successful people gain wealth. This book analyzes the story of successful people and I think you'll enjoy watching this animated summary of it. Subscribe for more! Check out MY Passive Income Ebook: http://bit.ly/PsychologyIncome