Opening To Legally Blonde 2001 Vhs

Published on Feb. 21, 2016
Channel: Edp2000
Source: Youtube

Here's the order: 1. MGM-UA Copyright screen 2. MPAA PG-13 screen 3. FBI Warning screen 4. MGM Means Great Movies promo 5. promo 6. Pink Panther Website promo 7. Nicole Nail Polish promo 8. Now Available on Videocassette screen 9. Christina's House trailer 10. Heartbreakers trailer 11. Legally Blonde Soundtrack promo 12. MGM Home Entertainment logo 13. Aspect Ratio screen 14. MGM Pictures logo 15. Start of film DISCLAIMER: All copyright material has been used under terms of fair use. Copyright is not claimed by the EDP2000 Channel. Copyright infringement of any kind is NOT intended.