Opening To Jasmine'S Enchanted Tales - The Greatest Treasure 1995 Vhs

Published on April 21, 2013
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Here is the opening to the 1995 VHS of Jasmine's Enchanted Tales - The Greatest Treasure. 1. Green Warnings 2. "Coming to Videocassette" 3. Cinderella Preview 4. Aladdin & the King of Thieves Preview 5. "Now Available on Videocassette" 6. Disney's Sing-Along Songs 1994 Preview 7. "Feature Program" 8. 1986 Walt Disney Home Video Logo 9. Jasmine's Enchanted Tales Intro 10. Opening Title Card for "Garden of Evil" © The Walt Disney Company THIS CLIP IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND HISTORICAL PURPOSES. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED AT ALL.