Only 1% Of All Fifa Players Know These Secret Cheat Codes.. (Fifa 18)

Published on Oct. 21, 2017
Channel: Xacceptiion
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*NEW* FIFA 18 easter eggs & glitches found on Ultimate Team & Fifa 18 The Journey! Did you know all these secret glitches / locations? Number 1 in the World Fifa 18 Squad Battles Rewards ► ONLY 2% of all FIFA Players Know these SECRET EASTER EGGS.. (FIFA 18): 1) GTA 5 has fifa 18 mod (Footballers - Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar) 2) Fifa 18 Pack Celebrations on pitch 3) FIFA Mod (xDuttinho) 4) No goal glitch (Missing goal) 5) Outside the map glitch (Very hidden secret) 6) Funny Fifa fail game face glitch on Nintendo Switch 7) Hidden Car & Ambulance on Ultimate Team Stadium 8) Fans on Footballers bench 9) What happens if you Submit Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 SBC? (Help from: 10) xDuttinho Glitch pack, Fifa 18 pack walkout goes missing? Today's Fifa 18 video is about new hidden location & secret easter eggs on Fifa ultimate team, career mode & the journey! If you want more hidden glitches on How to make unlimited free coins on Ultimate Team like & subscribe!! NEW Football video out tomorrow, but click this link first!! INSTAGRAM 📸 TWITTER 🐤 Snapchat 👻 Acceptiion 👻 FIFA 18 is an upcoming football simulation video game in the FIFA series of video games, developed and published by Electronic Arts, and is scheduled to be released worldwide on 29 September 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It will be the 25th instalment in the FIFA series. Cristiano Ronaldo appears as the cover athlete. Featuring Fifa 18 Ultimate Team, The Journey & Other Fifa game modes! Other xAcceptiion videos: ▪️ SECRET TO MAKING 500,000 COINS IN A DAY.... (FIFA 18) ( ▪️ FIFA 18: 3 FREE TRICKS TO UNLOCK 1 MILLION COINS!! ( ▪️ BEST SNIPING IN THE HISTORY OF FIFA!! ( ▪️ 10 YouTubers who FAKED their *OWN* FIFA 18 Packs! ( ▪️ UNLIMITED FREE FUTDRAFT TOKEN GLITCH... (FIFA 18) ( Business: