On Drivers Who Honk

Published on June 29, 2017
Channel: Ava Gordy
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

don't. the only time you'll see me outwardly show my anger is when you catch me flippin that bird at a honker on drivers who honk: don't honk at me I'm fragile my previous video: teaching my friends ballet: http://youtu.be/-xeDakA3Y5M my other stuff second channel: http://youtube.com/haltiamnotava podcast: okay, but what if? http://apple.co/2elX2H5 tha twits & insta: @avagordy the snapchats: haltiamava the tumbs: http://marypussypoppins.tumblr.com the fbook: http://facebook.com/avagordy hi I'm ava I'm a host, youtuber, podcaster, dancer, n you know just like a human subscribe for new videos whenever that would be sups rad