No To Rebuilt Splm In South Sudan

Published on Sept. 8, 2015
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Source: Youtube

SPLM, SPLM SPLM killed Nuer people, SPLM killed Nuer people in 1985 Gajaak Land, rebuild SPLM killed Nuer People in 1990s, rebuilt SPLM killed Nuer people between 2006-2011 such us the killing of the 1200 Lou Nuer youths, children, women and elderly by SPLA in 2006 and the killing of col. Gatluak Gai by Taban Deng Gai Plus the killings of the Nuer people in Kaldak in 2011 and finally rebuilt SPLM killed Nuer people in Juba massacre and left other to UNIMIS Camps across South Sudan. So Rebuilt the same SPLM that killed the Nuer people again? No I will not be a part of rebuilt this time. If you support this peace with lasting? You are welcome to explore new idea