Nightclub Photography Tv - Ep. 3 Flash Diffusers (Part 1)

Published on Feb. 8, 2010
Category: Education
Source: Youtube - Nightclub Photography TV Episode 3 (Part 1): Myles talks about flash diffusers such as the Omnibounce, Gary Fong Lightsphere II & Whaletail, which are commonly used in event photography. Myles is a San Diego based nightclub photographer and event photographer. Aside from photography, Myles is a seasoned business consultant and marketer who helps business owners and photographers get more clients and grow their businesses. Subscribe to NPTV! Connect on Google + Stay connected with Myles on Facebook Follow Myles on Twitter San Diego Event Photography Pros 101 Market St. #435 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 962-6263