New Investigator/Early Career Program In The Social And Behavioral Sciences

Published on April 7, 2016

This webinar will explore NIJ's professional development opportunities for researchers, with a specific focus on the New Investigator solicitation. This funding opportunity aims to support non-tenured assistant professors from a wide variety of disciplines the opportunity to conduct applied research on criminal justice issues. Principle Investigators must have been awarded a terminal degree within 4 years prior to September 30, 2016, hold a non-tenured assistant professor position at an accredited institution of higher learning in the US, and must have not previously served ad a PI on an NIJ research grant or fellowship. Please note that those who have held graduate research fellowships with NIJ are eligible under this solicitation. NIJ encourages applications from diverse social and behavioral sciences including but not limited to criminal justice, criminology, economics, law, psychology, public health, and sociology. (Opinions or points of view expressed represent the speaker and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice. Any product or manufacturer discussed is presented for informational purposes only and do not constitute product approval or enforcement by the U.S. Department of Justice.)