New Clash Of Clans Mod/Hack // Sandbox Battles Ep. 1

Published on Aug. 27, 2013
Channel: Sprooze
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Hey Few Clashers first off thank you for all the support you have been giving me and I would like to give back to you guys with my $100 Giveaway and this fun new series, This is one of my more favorite series and it will give me the chance to interact with you guys more. As always Like, Comment, Subscribe and Stay Active for more to come. If you want to be in this series I will try and destroy your base with my army or an army that you desire just drop in the comments of who you want me to attack, what clan they are in and if an army is desired state which troops you would like me to use, if no army is desired and you would just want me to try and destroy your base with whatever army I desire then do not state an army composition and I will be sure and attack them with that army in the next video. Make sure you check out my $100 giveaway as another thank you for helping me reach this amazing milestone of 1000 subscribers If you want to do this on your own all you hav to do is have a jailbroken iphone, ipad, or ipod and install the tweek IModThisGame from Nadis Lai and once you are on it you will have to buy the clash of clans mod with mod points for FREE modpoints to help you get started off go to Account and thank the inviter with the code 168929 Once you do that you will be on your way to this sweet clash of clans mod