Nell - Haven (Lyrics)

Published on June 14, 2013
Channel: Keurimjanee
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Source: Youtube

I know this doesn't really need a lyric video as it's all in English, but it's just too perfect, I couldn't keep away. "Jongwan: If you look at it one way, it's a little heavy and dark ... When you look at the album overall, it's the most like that [heavy and dark] ... So, when I think about the instrumentals, that kind of dramatic sense of a movie? I think there's that kind of dynamic feeling in the instrumentals, too. Jaewon: The fifth track, "Haven!" All the lyrics are in English. For people like me who don't speak English well, if you translate the lyrics and look at them ... Jaekyung: Or, even if you can't understand the lyrics ... Jaewon: I'm talking! I'm talking for the first time in a while ... (laughter) Jaekyung: ... I think you'll be able to feel the emotion." cr: