"Neck Hair Guide" Template For Keeping A Clean And Straight Neck Hairline: Diy

Published on Jan. 8, 2017

Available here: http://www.qualitytimesolutionsinc.com Quality Time® grooming tools are do-it-yourself, adjustable, customizable, and flexible templates for grooming, shaving and shaping your neck hairline and beard. Hair & Beard Grooming Templates. Made of a thin, flexible, soft, durable and clear plastic film, designed to fit your face & neck. DIY One-size-fits-all tool. Trim or shave the back of the neck and beard by razor, trimmer, hair cutter or shaving machine. One-size-fits-all, flexible, adjustable and customizable stencil. Guides to trim or shave your neck hairline and beard by razor, hair trimmer, hair cutter or shaving machine. One-size-fits-all. Made in USA.