National Wealth Center Review 2017 - First Data Corporation

Published on Feb. 2, 2017
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In my last video I explain ( Company Collecting Your Payments) In this video I will explain another payment option called “First Data”. National Wealth Center has several different ways in which you can collect you own payments to receive 100% commissions. However I have found the best way is through a company called First Data Corporation. Get Started: First Data is a credit card processing company that accepts any major credit card. National Wealth Center recommend is and so do I. First Data is the fastest and easiest way to get paid. First Data has been integrated into your website. First Data is the world leader in credit card processing and has established a unique program that has PRE-APPROVED The business model and provides significantly discounted merchant services to us using a SECURE ONLINE APPLICATION. This merchant account allows you to accept credit cards and enjoy the security and convenience of having the proceeds deposited quickly and directly into your bank account. This service is only for USA residents only. Here the great news there is no setup fees. The rates are very low and the monthly merchant fee is half industry average (only $24.95/mo) and includes everything. Transaction fee is only 2.19% and .25 cents per transaction with no limits. To get started you will have to compete a PDF application, you may save to your hard drive. Then send your completed application to the National Wealth Center First Data contact person. Your account could be approved within 3 days. Once you are approved you will receive your login details by email for your First Data Merchant Account, login to First Data, click on Terminals. Under the Gateway column, click on the gateway ID number. On this page you can grab your Gateway ID, and generate a new password for your gateway password shown. Click the update button, and add these credentials into your profile here. Once you have set up your account with National Wealth Center First Data contact person any technical questions on how to setup your account, call First Data customer service. They are available 7 days a week. Company Collecting Your Payments Sammy Beaugard 402-807-3086