Nashville Hair Tutorial! How To Get Connie Britton/Rayna James/Tami Taylor Hair

Published on Feb. 1, 2013
Channel: Lori White
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Tell me about your results on Twitter @lolololori!! I wanna know! UPDATE: I do have some curly girls want to know if this could work on THEIR texture. YES! If you're able to do the hairline directing and a very brief blow out with a round brush, you should be able to abide by this tutorial just fine. You just have to get your hair to the texture point mine happens to START with. I'll make a curly blowout tutorial soon. Get at me in the comments or on twitter if you need any help. "I appreciate that, I do." - Tami Taylor "The only thing I hate are sunburns and hangovers" - RAYNA "yeah i speak chinese but I've forgotten a lot of it" - connie britton This velcro roller strategy's going to make your hair look FIERCE AND FORMAL but also pretty much like, OOPS how did my hair get so beautiful? Things I used: Hair serum: L'oreal Serie Expert - Liss Ultime Shine Perfecting Serum Hair spray: AQUANET EXTRA HOLD Tools: Blow dryer, ceramic round brush, round brush, hair pick, teasing brush, BIG velcro rollers, a good attitude Find me on Twitter @Lolololori if you have any questions! Office hours allll day y'all