Nashua, Nh: Otis Hydraulic [Death Trap] Elevator @ So. Nh Med Ctr Parking Garage, Bowers St.

Published on June 25, 2012
Channel: Georgef551
Source: Youtube

This is the Otis Death Trap Hydraulic Elevator, on the Bowers Street side of the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center Parking Garage, Nashua, New Hampshire. This one isn't as bright, nor does it ride as well. It does okay heading up, but rocks left-to-right when it travels downwards. Of course, when "Shock Cam" is used, the lift behaves a little better, but still, it did enough to capture the rocking. Both lifts in this garage need work, and a good cleaning. ======================== Death Trap Rating: 2/10: * Shakes left-to-right moderately