Mysterious Photos From The Moon

Published on July 9, 2015

Mysterious Photos From The Moon UFO sightings, aliens, a secret moonbase and a NASA conspiracy theory... presenting the 5 most mysterious photos from the moon. The five most mysterious pictures from the Moon, including a UFO sighting during NASA's Apollo 16 mission, an alien colossus spotted on the surface of the moon, a secret extraterrestrial colony or military moonbase, a strange employee photo taken when NASA bombed the moon, and curious lunar sprites that appear to be an underground power station captured by the Apollo space missions Dig Deeper: Apollo 16 UFO: Google Moon Colossus: Moonbase: LCROSS Moon Bombing: Lunar Sprites Image: This channel is a curated repository of knowledge featuring the darkest, strangest, weirdest, scariest and most amazing of science, science fiction, history, technology and horror. Within you'll encounter paranormal top 5s including the most mysterious photos that cannot be explained, mysterious creatures caught on tape, secret conspiracies, unexplained videos, aliens, UFOs and the creepiest monsters real and imagined. UFO Government Whistleblowers - TOP 20 Alien Government Whistleblowers REAL Mermaids Caught on Tape Prophecies 2017 - Nostradamus And The Most Important Predictions For 2017 Music by: - ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Free images by: