My Top Tips For Cheap Traveling In Mexico (Universally Applicable)

Published on May 16, 2017
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

I though I'd quickly share my top three tips when it comes to cheap travelling in Mexico, and a good bit of that can be applied to other places as well I guess. By the way the footage of this clip was taken on the way to Oaxaca City, which was a six-hour ride in a Collectivo for 170 Mexican Pesos, which equals roughly 8,50 Euros. Drop some like and comments if you've got something from the video, and I'll see you soon! My Top Tips For Cheap Traveling In Mexico (Universally Applicable) Climbing Gear: Favourite Bouldering Shoe: Favourite Sport Climbing Shoe: Pretty Awesome Beginner Shoe: Favourite Belaying Device: Favourite Harness: Favourite Quickdraws: Excellent Approach and Hiking Shoe: Not Super Expensive but Versatile, Durable and Overall Great Rope: Top Performance but Expensive Rope: Filmmaking Gear: My Camera: My Tripod: My Microphone: My Audiorecorder: My Editing Machine (using FCPX): My E-book about my Take on Diet, Health and Weight Loss: For Full Transparency: Some of these Links are Affiliate Links and Purchases made will grant me a small Commission. manithemonkey on Instagram: Mani the Monkey on EpicTV: Mani Hubär on Featured Music: Next to You by Jimmysquare on Soundcloud and Wind by Akeboshi (Outro)