My New Race Car ?! - Audi R8 ( 18 Years Old )

Published on May 1, 2017
Channel: Jake Dufner
Source: Youtube

HERE IS THE LINK TO MY MERCHANDISE!! my new race car at 18 years old! an audi r8! the cops will hate me and since im buying my dream car at 18 years old i will have a lot of new friends! ill probably get arrested from running from the cops and ill be banned from the country! my youtube race car is so cool! better than a lambo ferarri bugatti pugani or bmw! i want to get my super car wrapped! my 600hp lexus is300 was faster than a supra on street racing but now i have an audi r8! cops vs street racers or cops vs bikes will love my car becuase police chase will always happen with my new supercar! my car is faster than tanner fox gtr and just as fast as tanner braungardt audi r8! running from the cops will be fun because i ran from the cops before and escaped! mikey manfs is gonna love the race car! SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOURE NEW! LETS SMASH 500 LIKES!! MY SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM- TWITTER- SNAPCHAT- @jakendufner subscribe to see more vlogs of me and my friends going on adventures, doing challenges, or being completely reckless! TO GET A SHOUTOUT.... share my channel to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all your friends possible, then screenshot my channel and post it to Instagram. TAG ME SO I SEE IT!!! I communicate with everyone as much as possible on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and in my YouTube comments;) Ademirs Insta - @ademiradamo Calo music: