My Love For Cuban Music - Episode 005

Published on July 6, 2017
Channel: Kemuel Roig
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Kemuel Roig Afro-Cuban Quartet Episode 005 My LOVE for #Cuban Music!!! I was blessed to born in Cuba and learn how to play drums and piano in the National School of Music. A country where its music is full of rhythm, sabor, musical nuance, and makes you move even if you try to control yourself! Enjoy this clip from last week's performance at my musical home in Miami - Ball & Chain​ KEMUEL ROIG AFRO-CUBAN QUARTET: Kemuel Roig​ - Piano Yandy Idelmis Garcia​ -Bass Hilario Bell​ - Drums Jose Majito Aguilera​ - Percussion Kemuel Roig is an endorsed artist by: Nord Keyboards​, IK Multimedia​, Earthworks High Definition Microphones​