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Published on Dec. 28, 2013
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Clip In Extensions: My Hairdresser who does extensions: Thank you all SO much for your kind words and support! I know I'm not alone in this issue, so hopefully everyone's comments will help me and others find answers. So, THANK YOU! Here are my symptoms: - significant hairloss - gallbladder blockages (was removed last year) - adult acne - severe upper stomach pain - upset stomach - nightsweats - low stomach acid - fatigue - mood swings (yay) - iron and vitamin D deficiencies So far I have been diagnosed with "Leaky Gut" and low stomach acid as well as gastritis. I've seen 8 doctors and most of them misdiagnosed me making my symptoms even worse. The only results I've seen are from the HCL (a vitamin that replaces stomach acid) that was prescribed by a holistic doctor. I also take L-Glutamine, Biotin, probiotics, multi vitamin, fish oil, vitamin D, and iron. These vitamins have helped but I still need more tests to figure out if I also have SIBO which is a bacterial overgrowth in the intestines. Sorry for all that info! Just want others who have the same symptoms to research these illnesses as traditional bloodwork and doctors will not give you answers :( Here's to a healthy and happy 2014 one day at a time! :) MUCH love to each of you!!! xoxo, Marlena Please subscribe!! Connect with me! :) :: MY 2ND CHANNEL:: :: INSTAGRAM :: :: FACEBOOK :: :: TWITTER :: Business Inquiries Only: My website with AMAZING makeup products! If you've read all this, thank you! I appreciate each one of your support! I read each comment and try to respond the best I can :) List in the comments the types of videos you would like to see! xoxo, Marlena