My 10 Year Old Is Wearing Acrylics?

Published on Jan. 8, 2016
Channel: Luciana Mcgee
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

This video is about how i do my 10 Year Old daughters acrylic nails thought i would make a video for you all. Love you. Please everyone do not argue with each other there is no need for that in our beautiful world. Her acrylic nails are already removed i wanted a memory with Julia on one of my videos as her sister is on a few and she is very smart if i would have put press on nails or anything out of the ordinary she would have known, this video was for me and her and our memory together they are now off and she is so happy to have done this video with mom. I was prepared for the hate i would get but that did not matter for my daughters happiness. As i try to make wonderful content for you guys i want to make everyone happy. Are world is vexing enough without having to worry a 10 year old's acrylic nails that is really not that bad just a few times for happiness I am sure if any of you have children and you and your oldest daughter had nails you would definitely want to make your little one feel special too if she asks over and over again. We are so sorry to those of you who dislike this video. If any of you are really concerned contact your poison control like i did. I am using quality salon products, doctors there disagree with all the people that said i am wrong. My opinion is mostly going to be based on doctors not nail techs. As we dont know it all that is why if we see somethings wrong on someones nail we cannot do anything but tell them to go see there doctor. We only did so many hours in school and they done 8 to 10 years so forgive me if what you guys say dont bother me if a doctor said it was wrong than i would have never done it in the first place, before i put acrylics on her i went to her pediatrician and the poison control where she said lets better ask them. This is what they study in all day and that is what we did with the ok from 3 of them that we spoke too. I will not just do something without finding the risks first Please do not think i just put acrylics on my daughter without finding out the risks first which are none sorry to everyone who did not like this video. The scientist name is Doug Schoon, he works within the nail industry MUSIC SONG: Cormak - Flavors (provided by NCS) SoundCloud Facebook Twitter Social media links: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE PLUS: