Mw2 Ps3 Leaderboard Hacked!

Published on Nov. 18, 2009
Channel: Jboy0990
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Ok MW2 just came out wtf people! Stop hacking like a bunch of bums! Do it the right way. This guy is now finally taken off thanks to a few of us reporting him but seriously why the hell would you want to just be a bitch like this and hack? Also i know i said 172 billion but its cuz i read it wrong lmao. I meant 1 billion 7hundred whatever. People help stop these hackers and report them to IW. Also If you play MW2 on ps3, look at the number 2 guy in wins and kills. Name should be CodeMajic. He is in his 8th prestige and the game has just been out a week. There is no way possible