Muslim Administrators On Wikipedia: Persecution Of Christians

Published on April 9, 2012

I have been leading a thorough expedition towards Wikipedia's administrators' objectivity for a long time. What I discovered during that long mission is that they often judge you according to your religion believes. Once you are a Christian, you are going to be labeled as someone who cannot have a say speaking about anything. Since your church is poor and celebrates afterlife, you are not supposed to say a word here on Earth. Concerning Islam, however, you are likely allowed to comment on a lot of stuff. Its devotees are not blocked despite pronouncing death sentence upon Christians. On Monday, 9 April 2012, I decided to make all the facts visible in a film. I created several fake accounts on Wikipedia to test the administrator's objectivity. Although we will never know it, I would be very interested in their religion leading them to their actings, because almost all the administrators seem to perform their actions in harmony with the islamic book "quran", leading muslims to kill all the others: Islam non-believers. "Is this really something we need here in our democratic territory of Europe?" - I have been asking on several Islam-related pages. Instead of receiving a response I was blocked for 1 year on spot. I really did not understand such unfair behaviour, so I decided to try it the opposite way round. I pretended to be a muslim vandalizing Christianity-related articles. Believe me or not, they let me vandalize it for 9 times without saying a word (more in the video). After the 9th edit, a Christian administrator finally came to judge things properly. However, no actions were carried through in order for others not to see either the summary of the edit, or the content as a whole. What is most contemptible on the administrator's behaviour is the following: They entirely deleted both the summary of the edit and the content! To sum things up: When I pretended to be a muslim, it was allowed to me to vandalize a Christianity-related article for 9 times and then I was blocked for 3 days. When I pretended to be a Christian and vandalized muslim-related article, they not only deleted both the content of the edit and its summary, but also removed my account from Wikipedia completely. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I really fear the times we are stepping in. Where is all of this going to finish? Are we going to be killed by Islamic radicals just for being either Christians/Jews/Buddhists/non-Islamic Atheists? Clarify me all of this stuff, please, because I cannot understand it at all.