Music Direct - How To Clean Your Records

Published on Dec. 3, 2014
Channel: Music Direct
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Music Direct presents our 2014 video series! Here in the second video in our series, we walk you through using a few of our favorite record cleaning products including the Spin Clean Record Washer System, In the Groove Record Cleaner and the VPI 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine. Video by Little Cabin Films About Our Video Host, Bes Nievera Jr.: Music Direct’s YouTube video series couldn’t have become a reality without a wonderful on-camera presence in our own ‘Captain Audio, Bes Nievera Jr. Bes is Music Direct’s longtime ‘voice’ since 1995, and his knowledge in this field has been documented in major publications such as Stereophile and Jazz Times. He is also an accomplished voice talent, and On-Air Personality at WDCB-FM in Chicago.