Music Around Us - New Wave Part 1 Of 4 (1980)

Published on March 21, 2010
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Music documentaries from Australia and New Zealand: This is part 1 of a 1980 feature titled 'New Wave' taken from the ABC-TV current affairs-documentary program 'Music Around Us', which was first broadcast in Australia on the 11th of May 1980. Reporter Vyvonne Kux investigates the current musical/fashion trend known as 'New Wave' and speaks to the following: 1:35 - David Tickle [International Record Producer; who worked on Split Enz's 1980 album 'True Colours'] 2:18 - Danger Dancer's Richard Ward and Richard Zatorski (later of Real Life fame) [Melbourne New Wave/Post-punk band] 4:38 - Crystal Ballroom with The Reels. 5:15 - a young Greig Pickhaver, later known as HG Nelson. 5:20 - Beau Lazenby [Crystal Ballroom regular and Boys Next Door fan. Note: She's the mother of Nick Cave's son Jethro - special thanks to TeenageRadioStar for correcting me. I thought it was Alannah Hill]. 6:21 - A Crystal Ballroom regular [if anybody can identify this individual, it would be greatly appreciated]. 8:12 - Dr. Alwynne Mackie 9:15 - Crystal Ballroom regular Dugald Mackenzie [later of Sick Things and Venom P. Stinger - thanks tblspn] --------------------------------------- NZOZDocumented Documentary Australia Seventies 1970's 1970s 70's 70s Social Terms/Key Words: Unemployment, Fashion, Punk, New Wave, Boredom, Sex Pistols