Movie Trailer - The Interview

Published on Dec. 20, 2014
Channel: Melinda Rose
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

My edit of the trailer and editorial of the situation. ===================================== When North Korea says do not do this, do not show that, its citizens comply immediately, in total control of its government, in fear of death. Now Pyongyang is commanding our country to bow to its command as if we are also mindless people. What they do not understand that the USA is a country of freely speaking, freely expressing people who bow to no one. While our government cannot and will not attempt to command its citizens to do anything, our government must be politically, diplomatically, and legally appropriate in its "measured" response to NK. Again, that's what makes America what it is. We as citizens do NOT have to be politically, diplomatically, and legally appropriate. We just need to stand up against tyranny. What better way to do that than to ensure the movie trailer for "The Interview", which NK demands not be shown, be shown at the individual citizen level! Who the F*** are they to command us!! Even if it's not your kind of flick, it goes beyond what you like or don't liek to watch. This fringes on the principles of American democracy! Share this on your social media circles, on your personal blog, in email encouraging others to do the same. Because in the face of this arrogant Communist attempt by this hermit nation to control our lives, this is what makes America great!