Mother 1 (Mato'S 1+2 Translation) - Part 4 - Lloyd Joins Party

Published on May 3, 2011
Channel: Marioman2K6
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Lloyd joins the party. The best part about this new patch is that I don't need to do any grinding at all. He gets to a decent enough level through going from Magicant back to Thanksgiving. I also show off the Flying Men in this game since I forgot to in the NES playthrough. The only real purpose of the Flying Man is to distract attackers away from the other party members. They also leave your party and return to their little house when you leave Magicant. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­---- Wonder what makes this translation stand out from the rest of them? Check this page out: It tells you everything about what this translation is all about and how you can get it.