Mma Warm Up Drills And Exercises With Coach Greg Jackson

Published on April 18, 2016
Channel: Roar Ambition
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A warm up is crucial to any workout no matter what the sport. Stretching and preparing the muscles are great for a workout is key to avoiding injuries like tears and sprains during training. And Top MMA Coach Greg Jackson has one of the best MMA warm up drills out there. This video shows you all the of the best MMA warm up exercises and drills you can run through before a training session or a workout to get the most out of your body without injuries. Greg has altered this particular routine than what he recommends his fighters so you can perform this mma warm up at home. There are 8 exercises Greg's warm up focuses on: • Jumping Jacks • Lunges/Ground Touches • Hamstring Touches • Push Ups/Inchworms • High Knees • Explosive Burpees • Reaching Push Ups • Leg Swings The video above contains the full instructions on how to perform Greg's warm up. Here are the key points: Exercise #1: Jumping Jacks • Warms most of the muscles in the body • Increases heart rate and circulation • Perform for 90 seconds to 3 minutes Exercise #2: Lunges/Ground Touches • Touch your knee to the ground • If you bend your left leg, touch the ground with your left hand etc • Perform for 90 seconds to 3 minutes Exercise #3: Hamstring Touches • An active warm up – both warms and stretches the muscles • Perform at steady pace for 90 seconds to 3 minutes • Feel the pull in the backs of your legs Exercise #4: Push Ups/Inchworms • Warms up upper and lower body while putting tension on core • Good for performing in confined spaces Exercise #5: High Knees • Good for blood flow in the lower body and core • Make it more challenging by raising your knees higher Exercise #6: Explosive Burpees • Perform 10 reps at high intensity • Raises heart-rate and warms muscles in preparation of workout Exercise #7: Reaching Push Up • Perform 5 on each side • Distributes tension across upper body and core Exercise #8: Leg Swings • Balance on wall • Aim for 10 reps either side For more fat burning workouts and tips head to: