Mit Media Lab Documentary, 13: Computer Animation

Published on Sept. 19, 2015
Channel: Cernonoska
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

This documentary on the MIT Media Lab covered some of its earliest projects, ca. 1986. It provides an overview of the projects themselves, with footage of projects in action and explanations by the researchers. It was directed by Guy Guillet of the Media Lab. This was digitized from an original laserdisc copy of the documentary. The original disc is bilingual, with mono English and Japanese audio tracks encoded in the left and right audio channels. This playlist has English audio; the Japanese playlist can be found at Full chapter list: Side A: 1. Contents 2. Introduction 3. School of the Future 4. Reconfigurable Video 5. NewsPeek 6. Synthetic Holography 7. Conversational Desktop 8. Synthetic Performer 9. People 10. Appendix A Side B: 11. Contents 12. Vivarium Project 13. Computer Animation 14. Advanced Television 15. Audience Research 16. Eyes as Output 17. Graphic Interfaces 18. Movies of the Future 19. Snipits 20. Appendix B The back of the sleeve lists the following usage notice and attribution: The production of the filmic material for this disc was done by Guy Guillet of the Media Laboratory and was funded as part of a research contract with IBM's Entry Systems Division, Boca Raton, Florida. Its mastering and replication was done through a grant from Pioneer Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. All material may be freely copied if proper credit is given. Chapter 9 Photography: Marie Cosindas Special thanks to the Newton Studio Osaka