Milford Performs Season 4 Promo

Published on Aug. 24, 2016

Milford Performs - A Performing Arts Showcase is a Milford Community TV program that gives Milford-area performing artists opportunities to display and discuss their arts and interests. The performers come from the fields of music, dance, theater, comedy, and any other visual and audio media. In our fourth season, two or three performers - individuals, groups, troups, and instructors - have been given a stage on which to perform in each show. Milford Performs is a prerecorded showcase program, so we want to give our performers every opportunity to show the Milford community their best performances. If any performer would like a retake or two to get a song, dance, or line just right - no problem! We include only the best take in our showcase. Each Milford Performs episode runs 30 minutes and is broadcast four times a week for four weeks on Milford TV - Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 38. Additionally, performances are posted to the Milford Performs YouTube channel, and each performer on our show receives a complimentary DVD of their show. Milford TV's studio has all new equipment including control room equipment, monitors, and sound equipment, with more arriving every month. Each episode of Milford Performs is publicized on Milford TV and other local media outlets, plus emails, handbills, the Milford Performs Facebook page, and this Milford Performs website. Find us on Thanx for watching!