Michael Jordan Top 50 Hang Time

Published on Nov. 26, 2013
Channel: Wistiti93420
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

Relive the best "hang time" plays of Michael Jordan with this top 50. It was very difficult for me to select only 50 ones because there is so many others ... i hope you will enjoy it. If there is a term which could define correctly MJ it would be "hang time". He was literally flying in every games, on every players , Twisting his body and articulating the arms,changing his direction , hanging in the air with his big hands and delivered crazy lay ups or circus shots. He is not define by a single moove like Jabbar's Sky Hook ... he just have developed his sport towards another level ... He made ART While challenging the laws of the physics. Indeed MJ just faced the gravity and overcame it all the time. The greatest player of all time. -PARTNERS : https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJordanUltimateFanpage https://www.facebook.com/generationmj -MY TEAM : trashtalk.fr www.facebook.com/trashtalk.fr twitter.com/TrashTalk_fr -MY PAGES : www.youtube.com/user/wistiti93420/featured www.facebook.com/Clutch23Production twitter.com/Clutch23Product