Meteos Wars: Cavious, Lastar & Layazero

Published on Sept. 22, 2009
Channel: C Dub
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Yeah, it's been a while since I've uploaded these, hasn't it? A couple users asked that I continue to upload them and well, when you ask, I usually do. I suggest listening to these vids with headphones plugged in so that you can hear the differences in music when it comes to BGM, launching Meteos or just moving them up and down. I think one of the most appealing things about Meteos is the music and sound effects for each planet. Cavious Size: Eleven Planet Impact: Tempest Even though Cavious has the largest size possible in Meteos Wars and it's an earth and soil based planet, it's actually a very easy planet to use. It's gravity is fairly weak and ignitions actually send Meteos quite high. It only takes a couple ignitions to send all your Meteos off the screen if you're skilled enough to combo all of them into a powerful enough launch. But the downside is the aforementioned size of your playing field. Doing it without a stylus can be tough, but it's indeed possible. All you have to do is not let its size intimidate you and you'll be fine. Lastar Size: Ten Planet Impact: Sentinel Lastar is a planet that really made me want to pull the small amount of hair that I have out of my head. Intial launches send your Meteos pretty high, but it takes quite a few before you can launch all your Meteos off the screen. There are a couple things to note about this planet. One is the fact that after your first launch, Meteos will suddenly move to the next step in height when launched again. The second thing to note, and the one that gave me a tough time with this planet, is that burnt Meteos don't take very long to turn back to normal. So yeah, this planet is a pain in the ass. Layazero Size: Eight Planet Impact: Tempest Oh, I do love the sound effects and BGM on this planet. Layazero has a light gravity; so light that it only takes three horizontal ignitions to take your Meteos off the screen (a vertical ignition only takes one). This makes it very easy to play with. However, burnt Meteos take less than a second to change back to normal, so you still have to be quick in order to not be overwhelmed. But like I said, it's a lot easier than it sounds. ^_^