Memorandum - An Original Short Film

Published on Jan. 9, 2012
Source: Youtube

Hattie Greening is a very hard working P.A. for her husbands law firm. Lately she has noticed that she isn't quite coping with the work load. Things are not as they seem, but her husband, Gerry, knows that things are not right too, but he also knows how to help Hattie come to terms with dementia in retirement with tender love... Written, directed, edited, and post production by Peter Nicholls. About the 2012 Version: The script and principle photography for this film took place in the autumn and winter of 2009. Due to illness it remained in a unrefined state. In the winter of 2011/12 I decided to work on the sound track [for a University Sound Design Module]. The original dialogue audio wasn't as clean as it could be, but I re synced it up to the video, and in the process found that quite a few video takes were synced with the wrong audio. The dialogue had a lot of noise and hiss, but I found iZotope RX2 - possibly the best noise reducing plug in I have ever come across! I also recorded a lot of brand new foley and spot effects, from foot steps, clothing moving, water, kettle bases... and so on. Finally, instead of my own orchestral composition which had very dodgy clipping on the audio, I used a simpler set of stock music from Final Cut Studio. I have yet to complete the colour grading, which will be the final polish on this 3 year old short. Production Photo Albums: Behind the scenes look at the making. 1. Actors 2. Briefing 3. Shoot 4. Crew: