Meet The Nigerian Hair Stylist In Canada

Published on May 12, 2016
Channel: Battabox
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

► Subscribe to BattaBox on YouTube: Ever wondered how African women living abroad get their hair done?Some people learn hair styling before travelling abroad and then use it as a profession and means of livelihood. But how easy is it to make in a country like canada? BattaBox presenter in Canada Precious discovers a woman Mrs Endurance, who weaves and braids hair from the basement of her house in Canada. "Taking care of three kids and having a store outside is not something i want to do," she explains why she uses her basement as her salon. According to Mrs Endurance, there is never a fixed price for customers, you get billed according to how rich you are.. "Even white people come to do their hair too," she explains. Watch and enjoy. And if you need to contact, her telephone numerb is: +1647836 9145. Mrs Endurance Uadiale **** CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW BATTABOX VIDEOS EVERYDAY: YOU can support BattaBox here: ... Website: ... YouTube: ... Facebook: ... Twitter: ... Google+: ... Instagram: ... Vine: **** BattaBox is the most exciting Nigerian News & Entertainment Video channel based in Lagos. We are the fact behind Nigerian Movies fiction, Nollywood in real-life with a dash of Yoruba Movie Magic - but none of our videos are made-up like Nollywood - they are all true stories! BattaBox is Nigeria Like You've Never Seen Before!