Meet The New 4Moms™ High Chair

Published on Oct. 19, 2015
Channel: 4Moms
Source: Youtube

Traditional high chair trays are tricky. You have to use two hands to line up the rails and coordinate the latches to attach them. Once removed, most don’t sit flat on a counter. Enter magnets. The 4moms high chair uses magnets to guide the tray into place. Parents can use one hand to position the tray and the magnets do the rest! Not only does the tray latch onto the high chair with magnets, the tray top has magnets in it, as well. We know that babies like to be very involved in mealtime, so involved that bowls and plates full of food get pushed around the tray and sometimes end up on the floor – especially when they start feeding themselves. That’s why we’ve also created a line of accessories – bowls, plates and utensils – that are designed to work with the 4moms high chair. The magnets in the tray top help keep these items in place, minimizing the mess. No more holding baby in one arm while trying to balance a tray of sliding bowls in the other. The 4moms high chair will be available in early 2016. Visit for more information!