Malayalam Comedy Movie | The Car - Jayaram, Kalabhavan Mani, Janardhanan

Published on April 22, 2014
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

The Car is a 1997 Malayalam film made in Kerala, by Rajasenan starring Jayaram and Janardhanan. This movie is about two men whose car gets mistaken for another car being followed. Mahadevan (Jayaram) and his uncle Kumar (Janardhanan) are still struggling to find money after the deaths of Mahadevan's parents and Kumar's sister. One day, luck comes to them when Mahadevan wins a car as the 1st prize of a promotional contest held by a washing-powder brand. Meanwhile, some murderers have targeted the witness Maya, a young woman who saw a lady being killed by her boss. By mistake, both the murderer and Mahadevan get the same tag number on their cars' license plates. The murderers try a hit-and-run attack on Maya, but she escapes. She thinks it is Mahadevan who did it. Mahadevan gets arrested by sub-inspector Cheriyan (Kalabhavan Mani) according to Maya's complaint. But due to lack of proper evidence, he's released with a warning. After getting through problems one after another, Mahadevan finds the real killers and their car. He tells Maya about the killers who attempted for her life. Shockingly its revealed that one of the killers is Maya's cousin brother Vishnu who is after her wealth. Vishnu tries to kill Maya, but Mahadevan stops him. In an attempt to kill Mahadevan and Maya, Vishnu dies by falling on a sharp object. In an attempt to dump his body, the couple is stopped by Vishnu's accomplice, the other killer. He's enraged by his friend's death and tries to kill Mahadevan and Maya. But ends up at the dead end of the road, where the cops were waiting for him with an armed force. The car catches fire from the gunshots and explodes, killing him. The film ends with sub-inspector Cheriyan thanking Mahadevan and Maya, for their help and support. For More Movies Please Subscribe Join us :