Luca Barberis @Entrepreneurship School

Published on Jan. 19, 2015

Subscribe: Entrepreneurship School Website: Started in 2011 the Entrepreneurship School began with one idea: that university professors aren’t teaching students how to become successful entrepreneurs. What’s missing? There is not enough entrepreneurship education in Europe. At the same time the most effective teachers and inspirers of entrepreneurship, are actual entrepreneurs. University education is too theory based, with students learning from professors who don’t engage with the real life situations needed for success. When speakers are invited, they tend to be bankers, consultants and managers, with students wanting to do the same. Our aim is to change this. Our mission has been to actively engage students in a hands-on and interactive school where students can develop their entrepreneurial skills. This is why we created the first school without professors. Young people have loved this concept. Starting from one class with 25 participants on 2011, in 2014 we ran editions for over 300 people in both Brussels and Honk Kong - and continue to grow. One more thing: as of 2013 we also run a Junior Edition for 14 -18 year olds. ThinkYoung website: