Lizard Squad Google Hack! Google Hacked By Lizard Squad Breaking News (Google Vietnam Hack)

Published on Feb. 26, 2015
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Let's help reach 50,000 subscribers with the links below! ►Please support with a like & comment! ►Click to Subscribe!: ►Follow Me on Google+: ►Follow Me on Twitter: ►Follow Me on Instagram: "Google Hacked" Article Links: In recent breaking news, Google has been hacked by infamous hacker group Lizard Squad! Lizard Squad hacked Google Vietnam this past Monday on February 23rd, and has already hacked and DDOSed various big company and gaming servers such as Malaysian Airlines, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network. What do you think about this Google Hack by Lizard Squad? Leave a comment below and make sure to like and subscribe for future content! -GG